Latest Update from the Farm

Posted February 12, 2017

Hello from the farm!

This upcoming season, the farm will be directly involved with a very exciting new dining concept called DIRT BURGER. We will be providing many of the fresh and healthy products necessary for it's success. This partnership will provide a great market for the farm, while providing great products for the restaurant. The "farm to fork" concept isn't a new one, but we feel that we can create a better model of this by cutting out the "middle man," to deliver an extraordinary product at an affordable price with maximum profitability.

About the Farmer

I developed a passion for food early in life, from helping garden and cook when I was young to becoming a cook and then a chef in some of the finest restaurants in Des Moines (and beyond). As a chef, I purchased from many local farmers. I quickly learned that local produce has an integrity, ethic, and flavor profile unmatched by far away conventional sources. In 2011 I earned a degree in Horticulture and have been farming ever since. I've created a very "chef driven" vegetable farm that I enjoy and am very proud of. I sincerely hope you enjoy our produce as much as we do!

— Tony Pille, Sun Gold Farms