Latest Update from the Farm

Posted February 12, 2017

Hello from the farm!

This upcoming season, the farm will be directly involved with a very exciting new dining concept called DIRT BURGER. We will be providing many of the fresh and healthy products necessary for it's success. This partnership will provide a great market for the farm, while providing great products for the restaurant. The "farm to fork" concept isn't a new one, but we feel that we can create a better model of this by cutting out the "middle man," to deliver an extraordinary product at an affordable price with maximum profitability.


Sun Gold Farms is offering CSA shares to those who are interested, starting in June and concluding at the end of October 2015. We are offering 30 shares this year. CSA stands for community supported agriculture. What this means is you, the consumer purchase a full share (20 weeks) or a half share (10 weeks, bi-monthly) in SGF's CSA program. So, once per week (full) or twice per month (half) a CSA box of fresh vegetables is available to you for pickup at a designated location. This website contains a list of everything we grow, and a page that will allow you to see what's available week by week, so you will have a "heads up" on what you will be receiving in your box. The CSA box will also include "chef approved" recipes that you may follow, if you like.

Being a member of a CSA is a great way to support a local business while providing you and your family amazingly fresh,nutrient dense, chemical-free produce. Food (especially vegetables) purchased at the local grocery store travels (on average) 1400 miles before it gets to you, the consumer.The produce we grow ripens in the field, not on a truck. Money spent locally helps keep your money in the community, which helps the community to grow and thrive.

A full CSA share is $600 for a 20 week delivery period. Half shares are $325 for a twenty week period with deliveries twice per month. Payment is due in full by January 15, 2016. If you are interested in becoming a CSA member, please contact Tony Pille at (515) 724-2064. Thank you!