Latest Update from the Farm

Posted February 12, 2017

Hello from the farm!

This upcoming season, the farm will be directly involved with a very exciting new dining concept called DIRT BURGER. We will be providing many of the fresh and healthy products necessary for it's success. This partnership will provide a great market for the farm, while providing great products for the restaurant. The "farm to fork" concept isn't a new one, but we feel that we can create a better model of this by cutting out the "middle man," to deliver an extraordinary product at an affordable price with maximum profitability.


"I have been buying vegetables from Tony at Sun Gold Farms for more than two years now, and the quality is unmatched. My customers start asking me about Sun Gold produce in February. It’s that good. I really enjoy the greens blends Tony puts together. You can see the chef side come out with these balanced, unusual, and thoughtful mixes of Organic herbs and lettuces. Sun Gold Farms is always my first choice."

— Christopher Place, Executive Chef/General Manager Eurest/Athene


"We've loved the CSA this year. It's so much fun being surprised each time with a wealth of vegetables and health. Recipes included in each box are easy to follow, and yet, challenging enough to let you explore your inner chef. Needless to say, it's been delicious.--Margaret and Abby Hamilton